Museo Bagatti Valsecchi


The Domestic Renaissance of the Bagatti Valsecchi

The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, born of an extraordinary art collecting adventure at the end of the 19th century, was shaped by two brothers, the Barons Fausto and Giuseppe Bagatti Valsecchi, who restructured their family home in the heart of downtown Milan in the Neo-Renaissance style, and furnished it with their rich 15th – 16thcentury Italian art and decorative arts collections. Open to the public since 1994, Fausto’s and Giuseppe’s home, preserved just as it was, is a fascinating historic house museum.

Via Gesù 5 - 20121 Milano

MM3 Montenapoleone


Open from 1pm to 5.45pm

Closed on Monday

Regular ticket: € 10,00

Reduced Ticket: € 7,00

Case Museo Card € 20,00

Admission in all 4 House Museums



St. Giustina

Giovanni Bellini, 1470
Tempera on panel

Bagatti Valsecchi family crest

Pompeo Bertini, 1885
Polychrome glass window

Celestial globe

Roman manufacture, 1579
Brass, bronze, wood, gess


Pesaro, XVII secolo

Guided tour with a native English-speaking guide

Are you a tourist? Are you a foreigner living in Milan? Are you Italian, and want to practice your English? The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum is just right for you!  You can visit the museum Bagatti Valsecchi with a native English-speaking guide at no extra cost…just pay...

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