Sunday, 2nd, 16th and Saturday 22th of December, 3:30 P.M.
A Fabled Museum, 14th edition: fables in front of the fireplace
Organized by Valentina Cardinali and Valeria de Santis
Performed (in Italian) by BezoarT

Pipì, or the little pink monkey
2nd and 22th of December, 2018
Little Man Before His Time
16th of December 2018

Who said that Collodi wrote only Pinocchio?! Two fun adventures in the book ‘Happy Stories’ of the Tuscan author are presented (in Italian) to our younger spectators: Pipì, the pink monkey, and Gigino, the boy who wanted to seem like an adult way ahead of time.  For three afternoons in December, the magical Grand Salon of the Bagatti Valsecch Museum is the backdrop for actors specialized in theatre for children for ‘Fables in front of the fireplace,” a marvelous voyage brushed by the winds of Italian traditions as seen by the great writer Collodi accompanied by a family of monkeys and by children who want to grow up too fast.

Children 6 years old and above, €2.00, Accompanying adults €9.00
Places are limited, reservations are requested
From Monday to Friday
Sat. and Sun., from1 to 5:30 P.M., 02 7600 6132


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