coverThe Annunciation – one of Savinio’s masterpieces – is part of a series of bird-headed portraits painted by the artist starting from 1930. In this work, the ironic metamorphosis of people and animals –openly connected to European surrealism – are made all the more original by the unusual polygonal structure that alters the traditional perception of the painting. Saint Mary is seated, wearing sumptuous  garments and is portrayed with the head of a pelican, a symbol of generosity and motherly love. A huge visage – portrayed with classical traits – looks in from a skewed window: an angel who is too big to fit in the room and stands for a mystery which is likewise too big for Mary to comprehend. This work of art, signed by the artist at the bottom-right side, was purchased by Francesco Di Stefano at the artist’s personal exhibition held at Galleria Milano in 1933.

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