INV 1024 Sironi Mario Venere dei portiThe artwork by Mario Sironi witnesses the transit from the late-futurist experiences and the beginnings of the metaphysical painting; this passage can be seen in the female figure similar to a mannequin for dressmakers. This modern goddess, dating back to 1919 – according to the date of the newspaper “La Tribuna” used for the collage, represents the shift from a closed femininity with rigid forms to a freer pattern: the profile is proud and mysterious, with a more sculptural attitude, it stands on the right foot and presents an assertive chest. With this artwork, Sironi opts for the usage of various types of paper (e.g. wall paper, dust paper and paper from newspapers) according to their different colours. The technique is functional not only with regard to the material research, but also as to the realization of a robust sculptural composition, as a prelude to his urban landscapes.

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